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You can't save and you always spawn right there on the front lawn.

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" 'Become Animal' is a light, folk-ish song that makes you want to hop in a car to go camping all weekend. With the smooth vocals and Philip Wright 's upbeat synths, you just might add this to your next feel-good playlist, at least. Maybe one day, you too will be inspired by your pet.”
Ashley Bulayo - The Bay Bridged

"'High School Video Game ' is an outstanding song, rife with an elegant sinuous melody and contagious rhythm, along with cashmere-like vocals and harmonies. The feel of the tune is colored with the plush musings of a previous phase of life oozing into your mind, stirring up fond memories. Put simply, it’s an excellent song and Flour Flour has it going on."
Randy Radic - Huffpost

"'Vegetable Juice ' is a track that has plenty of whimsical atmosphere, providing an energy that allows for people to get lost in its poppy soundscape. The guitars dive through plenty of high end licks, embedding the tone with bright textures."
Sean Gonzalez - New noise

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